Fandoms Challenge :)

Choose your top five fandoms:

1. Dance Academy

2. 500 Days of summer

3. Tangled

4. Friends

5. Pretty Little Liars

The first character you fell in love with:

1.  Christian…Sexy!!!!

2. Tom (duh its Joseph)

3. Flinn Rider

4. Pheobe

5. Aria

The character you never expected to love:

1. Ethan, he was rude to Tara at first but he turns me to mush now

2. I love every character in this movie

3. The horse!!! 

4. Rachel 

5. Hannah

The character you’re most like:

1. Grace, I dont care what people think of me and if you  cross me Ill be a bitch 

2. Summer I say what I think and Im independent 

3. NONE :(

4. NONE :/

5. Im not really similar to any…. maybe Aria 

The character you’d slap:

1. OLI i hate what he said to sammy :(

2.  Summer why would you ever EVER leave Tom!!!

3. The old hag/ mother 

4. Ross just dont really like him

5. MONA 

Five favorite characters (in order):

1. Grace, Christian, Ben, Kat, Sammy

2. TOM, Summer, Rachel, Vance, Mckenzie

3. Flinn, pascal, horse, repunzile, king

4. Chanler, Joey, Monica, Gunther, Pheobe

5. Fitz, Aria, Spencer, emily, hannah

Your OTP(s):

1. Kat/ Christian , Tara/ Ben, Abbi/sammy, Grace/ Ethan

2. TOM/ Summer

3. Flinn/ Repunzile

4. Chanler/ Monica

5.Fitz/ Aria